Corona Update

666-LAN postponed to 21-22-23 April 2023

It is with heavy heart that we must announce that 666-LAN will be postponed. This year’s edition will be cancelled and moved to 21-22-23 April 2023.

As LAN-party organizers, our mission is to deliver our participants and partners an amazing LAN-party. However, we have noticed that the mandatory Covid Safe Ticket and facemask are too big of a threshold for many participants. The few LAN-parties that have been organized in the past year had to deal with a significant drop in ticket sales or had a large amount of no-shows.

Because of the rapid rise of the omicron variant of the virus, we were forced to keep our ticket sales closed for a very long time, which would leave us with only a very short time left for the ticket sales. Additionally, we are only allowed to use a maximum of 80% of our venue capacity. This 20% loss in capacity, that we still have to pay for, means for us that we would almost certainly be operating at a loss.
That is a very big financial risk to take as an organisation of volunteers.

In short, it would be too big of a risk for us to organize our LAN-party in a form that we don’t really like ourselves, with mandatory face masks and a covid safe ticket. That is why we have made the decision to postpone, just like other LAN-parties like Frag-o-Matic.

What do I do if I already bought a ticket?

Your ticket will remain valid for the next edition of the event. Of course, there is also the option to get your ticket refunded. We will be reaching out to everyone that has already bought a ticket. If you don’t receive a message from us within a week, please contact us through our social media or by email.