Frequently Asked Questions

666-Lan is a Lan Event that takes place at Antwerp Expo.
LAN stands for Local Area Network, which means that all participants will be on the same network during the event. Participants bring their own UTP cables and plug these into one of the very fast switches 666 offers. That way they’ll be able to play lag-free gaming sessions with other people.

Yes !! This is number 1 on our priority list and that is why we provide you with super fast internet.

Yes, you can. The tickets will be available after payment in your personal account. Your job is to distribute the tickets amongst your friends.

The opening hours of 666-Lan are as followed

Opening hours LANPARTY:
Friday 12 april 2024 18:00
Till Sunday 14 april 2024 18:00

Parking is possible according to 3 procedures.

  • Option 1

A parking ticket can be obtained from the webshop. Your car will remain on the parking lot during the entire event. The parking ticket costs €20 for the duration of the event.

Parking tickets can be bought last minute at the entrance of the parking lot (limited availability). These must be paid in cash to our parking attendants.

  • Option 2

There is free parking on the Vogelzanglaan. This is the main road next to the venue. Please keep in mind, that you will have to walk about 200m with all your equipment.

  • Option 3 

Alternatively, there is a free Park and Ride ticket. This ticket gives access for 1h to the parking lot. In this hour you will be assigned a separate parking space, you will have time to check in and you will have to take all your equipment out of your vehicle.

Please make sure to vacate the parking lot within the hour! If you extend your stay, the purchase of a weekend ticket will be mandatory to be able to leave the parking lot.

Access to the parking lot can only be granted by presenting a parking ticket in combination with a valid ID / drivers license, or by purchasing a ticket on the spot.

Please be aware that access to the parking lot can only be granted on Friday, between 17:00h and 23:00h.

Yes. Every table gets access to one power strip that is connected to the electricity. As this will not be enough to plug in all your devices (pc, monitor), you will need to bring your own power strip to plug in all your devices and then plug that power strip in to the one provided.

No, there is no minimum age for the 666-Lan. Visitors under 18 must have written permission from their parents.

15 meter is more than you ever are going to need.

No, you can’t. There are several reasons for this; the most important one being a lack of space and power usage.

If you have a LANparty ticket you are able to choose a seat at our seat map. The seats are clearly marked at the venue.

Several Competitions and Challenges are held during the event, in which you can participate with the right ticket. At the Lan-party, it’s up to you which games you want to play.

Once the competition has been announced, you can find information on our Competitions page.

Yes, most competitions have prizes attached to them. All competitions are open for LAN Party Ticket holders.

Indoor smoking is prohibited, this also includes vaping. Outdoor smoking is allowed in the designated areas.

There will be a designated food and drink court! Don’t know where to find it? Ask the staff on site or check out our floorplan. 

Payments are possible via cash or payment cards

We’re doing our absolute best to make sure nothing gets stolen. Unfortunately there are always people with different intentions than having fun, which is why it’s important that everyone keeps an eye on their own hardware. A good start is to order a lock to protect your monitor or laptop.

There are permanent toilets available, that frequently will be cleaned and sanitized. Unfortunately we can’t offer showers at this moment.

Yes, security will be active for 24/7 at the event. First-aiders are also present, in case anything happens.

Being quiet is obviously rule number one. Furthermore, other visitors are not to be disturbed. For your safety it’s important to keep the paths clear. We strongly suggest you lay between your lines so nobody will trip over you while you sleep.

First of all: a good mood.

Everything else you should bring, you can find here.

There are a number of things we would like you to leave at home. You can find it all here.