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666-LAN is a newer but ambitious event, aspiring to bring together gamers and deliver them an unforgettable experience. It is our goal to be one of the biggest gaming events in the Benelux and to put our region on the map in the gaming and esports industry. This ambition is of course unatainable without the help of good and sustainable partners. If you want to be a part of that story and become one of our partners, please contact us at [email protected] and we will help your brand to reach and engage the ever growing gaming community through its biggest passion.

premium partners

In a world driven by technology, Randstad Digital helps shape your future. How? By creating and building digital or engineering solutions with the right impact. Randstad Digital uses the power of technology to reinvent companies and offers their experts the opportunity to work on the technological solutions of the future. Are you a talented IT or engineering professional looking for your next challenge? LANd the perfect job and join Randstad Digital!


Gamegear is a Belgian company that wants to elevate esports in Belgium by offering high quality products developed specifically for professional gaming. it is important to us that gamers in the BeNeLux can achieve great performances in the world of esports. But offering the best equipment to Belgian gamers is not enough, by supporting LAN parties, schools and other events we hope to encourage the local gaming community to actively participate in the world of professional gaming. 

Normal partners

At Great Escape, you and your friends, family or colleagues will be locked up in a mysterious room full of puzzles, riddles and secrets. You can choose from two unique themes: The Museum and The Movie Set. In The Museum, you play the role of a gang of thieves who want to steal a valuable art treasure. Can you trick the security guards and get away with the loot? In The Movie Set, you find yourself on the set of a French film from the 1970s and must try to figure out what is going on. Can you solve the mystery? Both rooms are exciting, challenging and surprising. Do you dare? Book your escape room at Great Escape Leuven and enjoy an unforgettable adventure!

Are you ready for a unique virtual reality experience? VR Base has the largest virtual reality arenas in Europe. Giant VR arenas where you and your team can move completely freely. Explore the breathtaking world of virtual reality with family, friends or colleagues. VR Base, your gateway to virtual reality! 
You can find VR Base in 3 locations in Belgium: Mechelen, Leuven and Kortrijk.
All our locations are equipped with a nice bar, so after the VR experience you can afterglow with a drink and snack. 

BR-Performance is the market leader in engine optimization
Thanks to the knowledge and experience of our engine technicians and state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to deliver performance-enhancing and reliable optimizations at an affordable price.  / @br_performance

The most stylish darts (web) store in Antwerp, and perhaps in the entire Benelux! Everything you need to start playing darts and the darts with which you can beat all competitors, you will find it all in our nice store in Niel.

Media partners

ZIVA Events is a creative, full-service event production company with over 15 years of experience producing game events across Europe. We always know how to push the boundaries in the development of game events and have therefore been designated as a ‘Preferred Partner’ by various A-brands in the game industry. All kinds of game events, trade shows, launch parties, product presentations, in-store activities, press conferences and promotional tours are familiar territory for us.

MH Productions is a trusted partner for all livestream productions of 666-Gamers. They set up and manage livestream productions from top to bottom, from installing all the needed equipment to managing the stream around the clock.

Rental partners

Speed seats is the supplier of rental gaming chairs at many LAN-parties in the Benelux and beyond.

Health and safety partner

With a combined 15 years experience in industrial work, department of defence, healthcare, and event planning and management, Umbrella Corp Consulting forms the perfect partner for all your health and safety needs. Umbrella Corp Consulting offers professional and experienced consultants, with a wealth of expertise to provide cost effective practical solutions, carried out throughout Belgium, Europe and overseas.