Terms & Conditions

1. Organization

Any 666-event that has been organized and supervised by 666-gamers VZW is bound to a set of rules that each participant will have to read and comply with. In the articles listed in these terms and conditions the rules will be listed and explained and made available for every participant. Any revision of these terms and conditions will be provided on the website of the event and will automatically be the only valid version. Any older versions of the terms and conditions will automatically lose their validity. When a participant joins a 666-event he/she agrees to the terms and conditions provided to them the moment they accept to join one of these events. The participants agrees to any changes made to these terms before or during the event he/she is participating. 666-gamers VZW reserves the right to make any changes to the terms and conditions and can be found on the website of the 666-event or can be presented at request during the event when asked for at our information stand or the entrance. The participant also agrees with any decisions made coming forth from the terms and conditions and are not disputable. When a participant does not agree or does not want to comply with these decisions he/she is allowed to leave the event without any right for reimbursement of the ticket price for the event. For any questions or for more information, the participant can contact 666-gamers VZW using the following contact details:

666-gamers VZW Eglantierlaan 47 2630 Aartselaar België [email protected] BE055.685.2452

2. Registration and access

Any new event organized by 666-gamers VZW will be announced on the related website. Registration for the event will be available on this website. More information about registration will be provided on this website as well. It might be required to pay a fee before the participant is allowed to join the event. When a fee is required, it will also be provided on the website of the event. A participant is only allowed to enter the event when the full amount of the fee is paid and confirmed by the payment system that is used for the event before the subscription period has ended. The end of the subscription period for the event can be found on the website of the event. Visitors are only allowed the enter the event after the required visitor fee is paid. More information on how visitor access can be obtained can be found on the website of the event, or at the entrance of where the event will take place. Please contact one of the crew members at the entrance for more information. Registration for an event is only valid when all required information is filled in truthfully by the participant. The participant might be asked to confirm the details of this registration by e-mail. The participant can also be asked to reconfirm his registration at the entrance, using an identity document (like a Passport or an identity card) which has to be valid during the period of the event. The name and address details on the identity document have to match on with the name and address details used during registration. If the name and address details do not match, the participant will not only lose his right to access the event, but also any reimbursement of fees. When the registration of the participant cannot be found at entry, the participant has to provide proof of payment for this registration before 666-gamers VZW will start an investigation. 666-Gamers VZW reserves the right to deny access to an event for any individual if they see fit. The reason to deny access will be provided to the participant and cannot be negotiated. If a participant is denied access to an event and the reason for the denial is due to an error made by the participant, the participant will not be reimbursed for any costs or fees the participant has made to enter the event. If the participant does not agree with the reason for refusal of entry, he will have get in contact with 666-gamers VZW using the above contact information, writing an e-mail or a letter and sending it to the provided address. The subscription for an event can changed by 666-gamers VZW at any time if necessary. The admission price for an event can be changed or can be dependent on the period the payment is received or the way the payment is made. These changes will be announced on the website of the event. 666-gamers VZW is bound to the legal requirements of distance selling, if applicable. A participant is allowed to cancel his registration at any time before or during the event. Reimbursement of fees for this registration will only be done during the subscription period with a minimum of at least 24 hours before the event starts. The reimbursement will only take place when approved by 666-gamers VZW. For cancellation of registration with reimbursement before the start of the event the participant has to contact 66-gamers VZW using the provided e-mail address. Visitors or participants of an event who are under 18 years have to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. If this is not the case, they need to provide a prior written agreement signed by their parent or legal guardian, dated and valid for the duration of the event. Not able to provide said agreement, they will not be allowed entrance to the event. This written agreement can be requested throughout the duration of the event. One registration for an event provides the right to use one participation slot that is provided by 666-gamers VZW during the event. Assignment to such a slot can be done by a seat plan that will be made available during registration of the event, or will be assigned by the crew during entrance to the event. The participant is allowed to bring one computer and all necessary peripherals for the duration of the event, as long as this will fit within the participation slot and the event allows the use of this equipment. All electrical or electronic devices that does not belong to the necessary peripheral equipment such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, coffee machines, printers, scanners, strobes, megaphones, horns, generators, multiple computers and monitors etc. are only allowed if the participant has requested and received prior written approval from 666-gamers VZW. Only 666-gamers VZW is authorized to judge which devices are allowed at the event and which are not. A participant will be asked to remove any said equipment when brought to an event and is not able to provide any written approval from 666-gamers VZW. The use of speakers is prohibited during an event. The participant should provide their own headphones, or they will have no sound. Violation of this rule will require the participant to hand in his speakers to 666-gamers VZW for storage during the entire event. They will be handed over to the participant at the end of the event or when the participant will permanently leave the event. It is not allowed to bring any animals or weapons to the event.

3. Competitions

During an event organized by 666-gamers VZW there can be matches and/or competitions set up. These can be for single individuals or for teams. The amount of necessary team members will be set when the competition is announced. These competitions will be set up based on a system that is determined by 666-gamers VZW and is undisputable. Any participants not agreeing with the method of handling competitions are not forced to join the competition or matches. Each participant has only one participation slot assigned when he has signed up for the specified competition and is confirmed by the crew responsible for handling these competitions. It is not allowed to have 2 participants participate to the same competition using the same computer. Visitor are excluded from participation, except for any competitions that are explicitly organized for visitors to participate in. This will be explicitly mentioned with the competition itself. The main language in all competitions is English, for any and all participants that want to join. If all participants are speaking the same language different from English and the crewmember(s) responsible for the competition agrees to use a different language during the competition, this will be allowed. For the smooth running of these competitions, there will be a strict set of competition rules, called the “competition rulebook”. Each participant is supposed to have read these rules, know them and unconditionally agree to them before taking part in the competitions. 666-gamers VZW reserves the right at all times to make changes to the competition rules, any changes will be posted on the website of the event. 666-gamers VZW will have a dedicated crew assigned to handle any competitions and/or matches. These crewmembers will monitor the progression of any matches and competitions that are running during an event, they will make sure the rules are followed during the matches and are responsible for deciding on any winners and awarding the prices. Any decisions these crewmembers will make according to any of these competitions or matches will be undisputable, nor can any participants claim the winnings of any matches or recover any damage based on the decisions made. If a participant is identified as a winner and will receive a prize, additional conditions may be required on receiving this award or prize: such as attending the awards ceremony, give any interviews, sign a receipt … and so on. The participant will respect these conditions and will join or aid in any ceremonies or actions necessary, otherwise they will lose the right to earn the prize.

4. Order, theft and damage

666-gamers VZW cannot be held responsible for any damages or injuries, whether direct or indirect, to any person or material (including hardware and software) as a result of participating in an event organized by 666-gamers VZW. This also applies to any technical failure and / or defects in hardware, software, vehicles and items brought by participants whether or not caused by problems with the electricity network, the data network, through fire or water damage and / or by the use of fire extinguishers. Any person entering an event organized by 66-gamers VZW accepts responsibility for cleaning up his own waste and will deposit this waste in the provided trash bags and / or trash bins, which will be provided at the event by 666-gamers VZW. An event organized by 666-gamers VZW will most likely be held in a location that is not owned by 666-gamers VZW. Due to this, any person entering this location will accept any house rules set by 666-gamers VZW or by the owner of the location. Anyone not following up on these rules will be warned and eventually be removed from this location without the possibility to re-enter the event. Anyone that will indulge themselves in intoxication, or participate in vandalism, riots, fights, indecency, or causing excessive disorder can be sanctioned by 666-gamers VZW. For any criminal offence the local authorities will be alerted and the offender will be handed over. Any damages that are caused by any person can and will be recovered on this person by 666-gamers VZW. 666-gamers vzw cannot be held responsible for any accident, loss or theft. Each participant is responsible for his own items and material the participant brought to the event and waives any claim against 666-gamers vzw in this regard. When necessary and when instructed, any person present at the event will make sure to clear any aisles, exits or walking paths for emergency services. In the event of an evacuation, everyone will have to listen and will oblige to any instructions given by crewmembers or emergency services. Any object or vehicle that blocks a potential evacuation route will be removed by 666-gamers VZW, after several requests of removal. Any damage or costs made will have to be paid by the owner of this object or vehicle. These costs cannot be recovered from the 666-gamers VZW.

5. Responsible use of the data network

666-gamers VZW will provide in a reliable and stable data network at the event if necessary. Any person using this data network will always respect any rules established for the use of this data network. Any participant taking part of this data network will be allowed to use one network port and will be provided with one IP address to set up connectivity and communications. Any participant will have to follow instructions given to them on how to connect to a network port and possible configuration of network settings necessary to communicate. All participants taking part in the use of this data network will only use this data network for lawful purposes. Any participant is solely responsible for any data carrier he will connect to this data network and its contents, as well as any data exchange coming from or going to this data carrier. 666-gamers VZW respects the copyright laws of those involved in the creation and distribution of copyrighted material like music, movies, computer programs, video games and other literary, artistic and scientific work created by third parties, or any other work covered by copyright laws. Any participant or visitor will respect these laws as well. Participants and visitors may in no case make unauthorized copies of copyrighted material, or participate in the distribution or sales of any of these items during the event. Setting up servers or services to exchange copyrighted material is forbidden. Anyone not complying with this, may be sanctioned and may also be subject to civil and criminal proceedings. 66-gamers VZW cannot be held responsible for any damages or losses done as a result of infringement by third parties from the outside. 666-gamers VZW will try its best to protect his data network and its participants for any outside influence. The data network offered by 666-gamers VZW merely acts as a conduit of information, according to the conditions imposed in Article 18 of the Belgian law called “Wet 11 maart 2003” which is based on certain legal aspects of the information referred to Article 77 of the Constitution. With respect to providing this service, 666-gamers VZW (according to Article 21 of that Act) has no general obligation to monitor the information which they transmit or store, nor to actively seek facts and circumstances that indicate illegal activity. The participant should obey to all the potential additional indications and limitations 66-gamers VZW, or any appointed third party, impose on the use of the data network now or in the future. A participant may only use his own computer at the event, even if he has permission of another participant to use his computer. Visitors are completely excluded to use any computer of any participant, even with consent of its owner. Any computers provided by 66-gamers VZW for a special purpose are allowed be used by visitors and participants, but only based on the instructions provided at this special purpose. Any participant or visitor is not allowed to set up their own data network within the arena of the event. The use of any network equipment other than that provided by the event is not allowed. Only 666-gamers VZW or its duly authorized personnel has the permission to carry out checks on the data network, such as scanning IP addresses and ports as well as monitoring and logging of network activity. They will apply the conclusions provided in the opinion number 44 of the Commission for the protection of privacy of November 12, 2001, regarding the compatibility of the investigation into violations of copyright on the Internet with the legal provisions to protect personal data and telecommunications. During an event organized by 666-gamers VZW, 666-gamers VZW plays a role in similar to that of an internet service provider and its customers a role similar to that of a subscriber. To act in accordance with the law, the record companies and authorized agents of corporations for the management of copyright can only judge case by case and based on information which is publicly available online (pseudonyms, date and time that these files are distributed) to determine whether copyrights have been violated and sue on that basis, the determinations made by the copyright management companies that work with agents approved for this purpose obviously have greater probative value. These proceedings may be set after the record company or SABAM (and not through participation of a provider) has informed the user that he is participating in an illegal activity. Except in the context of legal proceedings, an internet provider may not communicate subscriber information to third parties. In the present state of the law, the judicial authorities are responsible to do all general investigations that could result in a list of persons who violate copyrights. Hacking, cracking, sniffing, spamming, flooding, spoofing or abuse of the data network and its connected servers and services offered by 666-gamers VZW in any way, including the provisions mentioned in this article results in actions and/or sanctions against the offender.

6. Commercial activity

Distribution of advertisement on an event organized by 66-gamers VZW for any purpose is prohibited, unless agreed upon in advance with a written approval of 666-gamers VZW. Failure to obey this will result in compensation to the 666-gamers vzw and its sponsors. Engaging in commercial activities such as but not limited to buying, selling or delivering services on an event organized by 666-gamers VZW without prior written permission of 666-gamers VZW is prohibited. Compensation of any of these activities can be demanded by 666-gamers VZW. These provisions apply during the course of the event and in the entire arena of the event.

7. Anti-smoke & drug policy

Inside the arena of the event organized by 666-gamers VZW it is forbidden to smoke. This smoking ban applies to everyone, as well to the use of e-cigarettes or vaping. The use, possession and sale of any illegal drugs (stated by law of the country where the event is held in) is always forbidden. Any offence will result of alerting the local authorities and handing over the offender.

8. Internal communications

It is forbidden for anyone in the arena of the event organized by 666-gamers VZW to use any equipment broadcasting on the PMR446 band, unless specific prior written permission of 666-gamers VZW has been given and can be presented. All devices that do broadcast without permission will be confiscated until the end of the event. It is not allowed to listen to any internal communication channels in use by 666-gamers VZW and its crew, by any means whatsoever, before, during or after the event or to hinder them in any way. One is obliged to conceal any information that can accidentally be heard in the communication between the 666-gamers VZW and its crew before, during or after the event.

9. Equipment and materials Audit

666-gamers VZW or its duly authorized personnel has the right to check any equipment or material any person brings to the arena of the event. This includes but is not limited to computers, data carriers including its contents, any luggage including its contents, cool boxes and vehicles. Every person is expected to cooperate fully with this audit. Any items not allowed in the arena of the event will be removed from the owner and is either confiscated until the end of the event or given back to allow the owner to move the item outside the arena of the event.

10. Penalties

666-gamers VZW has the right to give out penalties for all violations as specified in these regulations. These sanctions may include, but are not limited to: – An official warning with the explicit demand to terminate all activities immediately and unconditionally that is prohibited or suspicious. This warning may be kept in writing by 666-gamers VZW for administrative purposes, including the name of the person during the full duration of the event. – 666-gamers VZW reserves the privilege to deny any person the access to the event at any time in case of repeated violations, suspicious behavior, not following directions of 666-gamers VZW or serious offences. Any affected person does not have the ability to charge a compensation request for any damage caused by this decision. For serious offences the local authorities will always be warned. – (Repeated) offenders may be suspended for a specified period for any future activities within this time period by 666-gamers VZW. – Outside of the penalties listed in this article, 666-gamers VZW may also request compensation from the person for any damage caused. – These sanctions are not limited to the duration of the event and are valid for all participants and visitors, including any persons accompanying them.

11. Privacy

Personal data received by 666-gamers VZW will be processed in accordance with the law of 8 December 1992 to protect the privacy and the law of 11 December 1998 transposing Directive 95/46/EC of 24 October 1995 on the protection of individuals with regards to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data. This data can be used by 666-gamers VZW for the following purposes: – to inform about commercial activities and promotions of products, services and events. Every person who enters an event organized by 66-gamers VZW accepts that their name (including any pseudonyms) and / or photo can be published as well as their likeness or portrait reproduced and communicated to the public in any way through film, pictures and streaming, including but not limited to the websites of the organizers. 666-gamers VZW can collect personal data for new purposes not yet described in this privacy policy. In that case, we will contact the person concerned before personal information is used for these new purposes, to inform him of any changes to our privacy policy and the opportunity to modify or delete this data. 666-gamers VZW will never give or sell collected data to third parties. All personal data transferred to 666-gamers VZW will be held with the utmost discretion. When sending personal information, keep in mind that sending such information over the Internet is never without risk. Damages resulting from the unauthorized use of personal data may therefore under no circumstances be charged to 666-gamers VZW. If you do not wish to receive communications from 666-gamers VZW about commercial campaigns or promotions, please contact 666-gamers VZW using the address details in article 1. Your personal details will then be deleted from our database. You have the right to request, access and correct your personal information. Please contact us using the address details in article 1, if you wish to view, delete or modify any data registered to your name. You can also ask to modify any data that is inaccurate, incomplete or irrelevant. Confirmation or approval of these changes may be asked by 666-gamers VZW using a written consent.

12. Nullity and jurisdiction

The nullity of one or more points of these regulations shall not prevent that any other points remain valid. All contracts, services and operations for an event organized by 666-gamers VZW are subject to Belgian law and for all disputes which could occur, only the Courts of the district of Leuven, or the district from the location of the event have jurisdiction.