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Randstad digital sponsors LOL compo

After their rebrand from Ausy to Randstad Digital, this trusted partner returns for the 3rd edition of 666-LAN, sponsoring the League of Legends competition once again with a prize pool of €1500!

Randstad Digital is the digital enablement partner for broad array of companies in many sectors, ranging from banking and financial services to health care and life sciences. Randstad Digital believes that when you bring talent together, inject experience and follow a proven approach, amazing things can be achieved.

Furthermore, they recognize that gamers are talented, digital natives. Gamers have often explored the digital world and it’s many opportunities for their whole lives. Given guidance and experience, they can develop their talents into very valuable skills and expertise. That is precisely where Randstad Digital shines: putting talented people in the right environments for them to grow and develop themselves.

Of course, you can make a gamer into a professional but you can’t take the gamer out of the professional. That’s why Randstad Digital employees will also be participating at the LAN-party and showing off their gaming skills in the tournaments. Feel free to go have a chat, they’ll gladly talk about the many opportunities Randstad Digital has to offer!

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